Experience Unmatched Comfort and Durability with Our Advanced Silicone Technology

Great for swimmers with long hair! No more tugging and pulling.

Premium silicone for long lasting performance and great feel.

Easily stays in place and won't slip off during training or racing.

Ergonomic ear pockets help prevent overpressure helping to keep water out of your ears.

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Engineered by a Swimmer, for Swimmers:  The Ultimate Long Hair Swim Cap that Provides Comfort, Secure Fit, and Enhanced Performance with Every Stroke.

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Finding a long hair swim cap can be a challenge. Most caps, especially lycra swim caps, pull and snag your hair. They’re so tight it’s a real chore tucking in all your hair and if your hair is long, forget it. It simply won’t fit. AND they tend to slip off once you start swimming. Not what you want.
We’ve taken silicone technology and used it to create a superior long hair swim cap that’s both comfortable and durable, giving you a tight and non-slip fit on your head.
The days of headaches, snagged hair, and rips and tears happening at the worst times are over. Upgrade your race and training experiences with a dependable swim cap that is comfortable enough to wear for hours, while still providing you plenty of decreased resistance in the water. Order yours today to experience the difference for yourself!