Is the Fastarooz long hair swim cap 100% waterproof?
While our long hair swim caps are designed to accommodate and protect long, thick, or braided hair during swimming, they are not intended to keep hair 100% dry. The main goal of the Fastarooz swim cap is to reduce water resistance and protect your hair from chlorinated or salt water.

Does the Fastarooz swim cap cover your ears?
Yes, our swim caps are designed with your comfort in mind. Fastarooz swim caps not only cover your ears but also feature ergonomic ear pockets to decrease overpressure and discomfort during your swim sessions.

Will the Fastarooz swim cap fit if I have a large head?
Absolutely, Fastarooz swim caps are engineered using advanced silicone technology and flexible materials, ensuring a comfortable fit for all head sizes. They stretch well to provide a secure fit without losing shape or grip.

I often get ear infections – will the Fastarooz swim cap keep water out of my ears?
While our swim caps cover your ears and can limit the amount of water that enters, they are not designed to be completely water-tight. No swim cap is 100% water-safe. However, the ergonomic ear pockets in Fastarooz swim caps do allow for comfortable use of ear plugs, which can help prevent ear infections.

Can Fastarooz swim caps be used in both chlorinated and salt water?
Yes, Fastarooz swim caps are designed for versatility and durability. Made from advanced silicone material, they withstand both chlorinated and saltwater conditions, protecting your hair while maintaining their shape and elasticity.

What makes Fastarooz swim caps different from other swim caps on the market?
Fastarooz swim caps stand out because they’re designed by a swimmer, for swimmers. They combine functionality, comfort, and style, using advanced silicone technology to cater to swimmers with long, thick, or braided hair. The unique design ensures a secure, non-slip fit and tangle-free swim sessions, allowing you to focus on your performance.

How do I care for my Fastarooz swim cap to ensure its longevity?
Taking care of your Fastarooz swim cap is easy. After each use, rinse it under cool, fresh water and allow it to air dry. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or hot temperatures for extended periods to maintain its shape and elasticity. This simple care routine will ensure your Fastarooz swim cap lasts swim after swim.