Are these caps 100% waterproof?
These swim caps are created for swimmers with long hair, the swimming cap is built to accommodate and protect long hair, thick hair, braided hair etc. It will keep water out but it’s not meant to keep hair 100% dry.

Does this cap cover your ears?
This swim cap does cover the ears well, in fact it has ergonomic ear pockets to reduce pressure in the ears while swimming.

I have a huge head, will this cap fit?
Yes, Fastarooz caps are made with the latest silicone technology and elastic materials. It stretches really well without loosing shape or hold.

I get ear infections a lot – will this keep water out of my ears?
Unfortunately it will not keep water out completely. No swim cap is 100% water safe. Fastarooz does have ear pockets that allow ear plugs to be used comfortably.