About Us

Welcome to Fastarooz, Your Premier Destination for Superior Swim Gear. As a trusted American manufacturer and distributor, we provide innovative swim cap solutions, designed to empower swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

Our Journey

Fastarooz sprang from the passion and experience of our founder, Taylor, a decorated high school and collegiate swimmer. Frustrated by the lack of swim caps designed to accommodate long hair without causing discomfort or damage, Taylor decided to bridge this gap herself.

Taylor’s vision was to engineer a swim cap that truly addressed the needs of swimmers like her. The outcome? Swim gear that marries functionality and style, and that stands the test of time.

The Fastarooz Promise

Our flagship offering, the Fastarooz Long Hair Swim Cap, is a testament to our commitment to enhance your swimming experience. Tailored specifically for swimmers with long hair, this cap not only ensures a secure, comfortable fit but also safeguards your hair against the pool’s harsh chemicals. Its unique design accommodates various hair types and lengths, guaranteeing tangle-free swim sessions.

But it’s not just about protecting your hair – the Fastarooz cap is also designed to stay firmly in place as you glide through the water, minimizing distractions so you can concentrate on maximizing your performance.

At Fastarooz, we’re passionate about providing you with swim gear that enhances your performance and comfort. We’re here to support your swimming journey, every stroke of the way.